Kano Polio Emergency Operations Center, training a new EOC Tech

Performance Oriented IT Training

F1Linux’s training is not lecture style, but Performance Oriented Training:  A key skill/concept is explained, then demonstrated and finally practiced using real-world scenarios on test systems by the trainees to reinforce their learning where they’re able to make mistakes without risk to production systems. Unlike other enterprise IT training, staff will not be sipping coffee and reading news on their phones. 

Training is focused on enhancing functional competence and delivered by a Linux & Network engineer with 20+ years enterprise experience who understands the challenges of those working at the IT coalface. The focus is on enhancing practical skills, not merely theoretical knowledge like so much other training.

Training has been previously conducted with client staff in the UK, India & Africa.

Location: On-site or virtual
Scheduling: Full day classes or half-day sessions to allow staff to manage their functional responsibilities.
Class Size: (12) Staff- to allow for more individual help
Fees: £650 fixed-fee per training day for up to (12) staff.

Terrence Houlahan has 20+ years enterprise IT experience and has trained and mentored staff in India, Africa & UK.
He learned to be a trainer in US Army Special Forces where he taught US & foreign troops Engineering & Explosive Demolitions, topics which he was regarded as a subject matter expert.

Training Courses: