Dual-Stack IPv4/6 Office, Building & Campus Networking

A secure, performant, reliable and most importantly FUTURE-PROOF network requires a planner with experience. F1Linux has it: single office, multi-floor and even campus networking with with hundreds of users.

Making good subnetting choices when partitioning the network, choosing appropriate hardware, and in respect to wireless networking, relative physical emplacement of APs is crucial to ensuring the productivity of your network users. These are all decisions informed by experience and F1Linux has it.

And as IPv4 globally routable addresses are exhausted or nearing exhaustion around the world, IPv6 becomes an unavoidable reality.  F1Linux can comprehensively plan & implement a dual IPv4/6 stack network ensuring your network scales with the future.

Network Monitoring:

F1Linux can install Zabbix network monitoring on your SNMP enabled devices in parallel and save you £450 in  Network monitoring installation fees. If F1Linux is performing the logical configuration of all your hardware installing a new network, enabling SNMP can be done at the same time. Only the hardware provided for monitoring and the monthly service fee is due.

Remote Network Management:

F1Linux can remotely manage your network performing common administrative tasks either independently or in collaboration with your network team.

Add IPv6 Connectivity to an Existing Network:

If your network wasn’t planned with the future in mind, F1Linux implement IPv6 connectivity and configure the IPv6 firewall rules in front of it.

BIND DNS Master/Slave Replicated DNS:

If you want to run your own BIND9 DNS infrastructure, F1Linux can configure it with Split-Views, conditionally serving DNS information for internal or external users from different pots depending upon whether the request was received on an internal or external interface.

Linux Router Configuration:

F1Linux can even configure Linux hosts to function as routers of IPv4 & IPv6 traffic if you have a requirement for such.